Our Story

What We Offer
An exceptional online experience designed for women. Our signature approach is to curate products made by women for women. Our unique items can not be found in large retailers and whenever possible, we offer handmade, all natural, social good products that will elevate your femininity and sense of self. 

Our products are hand selected from talented female designers, artists, and crafters who believe as strongly as we do in eco-friendly and social good stewardship.

Our Mission
What you chose to place on your body and in your surroundings has a very real and tangible effect on your well being and confidence. We aim to accentuate what you love about yourself ~ When you feel good, so do we.

Our Commitment to You
We are in the business of improving your quality of life through our products. You always come first. If we can answer a question or solve a problem, please let us know.

Our Dedication to the Environment
Our mindfulness extends across our brand all the way down to the packaging materials that arrive at your door. In every area possible, we utilize cardboard, paper, or recycled packaging that is bio-degradable and a friend to our earth. 

Our Pledge to Women
The very foundation at Sheshed is built on the vision of women supporting women. An initiative important to us is providing support to selected career training programs for abused and homeless women. We can elevate the potential of future female entrepreneurs. 

Thank you for supporting us!